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About Us

It was in the time of the lockdown and the pandemic in 2020 that we realized how we are missing out on the small amazing moments of life. With the constant work from home, working at home, the loss of jobs, the frantic searching of one, the struggle to cope with everyone and everything at one go…. the overwhelming feeling of it all had turned life into a race. We were just rushing through it. And in this mad rush, we forgot to see life happening.

We knew one thing – we were missing something, losing something. We were seeking happiness when it was right there…in front of us.

And this was something happening to a majority of us, globally. We realized that like us there are so many who are just rushing through life, forgetting to live it to the fullest. We were letting our time; our moments slip through our fingers without realizing that we hold within our hands the key to our own happiness.


Happiness is fleeting, elusive and sometimes appears like a distant memory.

At times it feels abundant and at times unachievable.


Each moment, no matter how small, how trivial, has the potential to make us feel amazing. A child’s smile, a friend’s phone call, a smell from the kitchen, the rain, a joke, a story, a movie, a song.

Life is happening in all these small moments. It is happening in the ordinary, it is happening in the unexpected, and the expected.

And within this life, we will find our happiness.


This is how The Feel Good Moments was born.


The Feel Good Moments is a project of love and hope. A collection of moments, both big and small that must be cherished. We are committed to discovering these moments and documenting them here. We want to make these moments of happiness timeless because we believe they are.


We at The Feel Good Moments believe that happiness is timeless.


Our Mission 

To seek out these beautiful happy moments, old and new, to appreciate these nuggets of joy, and to celebrate the Feel Good moments of life.

We welcome you, with open hearts, to our website, a space where you can discover and treasure your moments of happiness.

The Feel Good Moments is part of the Parent company, The Guiding Sparrows , Thane, India. You can email guidingsparrows@gmail.com for any information.