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छोटी यादें (Choti Yadeein) – A Hindi Poem on Self-Identity

by Nalini Das   ·  4 months ago   ·  

This is a poem about the self-identity of a young bride who visits her maika for the first time for Diwali and her memory of home.


::छोटी यादें::

मेरे घर का आँगन सबसे प्यारा है,

पूरब की तरफ एक नींबू का पौधा है,

और दक्षिण में एक बलवान आम का वृक्ष।

हर सुबह फल खाने पधारते हैं, तोते और चिड़िया।


मैं हरी साड़ी पहनूं या पीली?

ठीक है, मैं पीली साड़ी ही पहनती हूँ।

आँगन मेरा गेंदों के फूल से झूम रहा है।

हरी चूड़ियाँ हैं और झुमके हरे,

वैसे भी पापा को हरा रंग पसंद है।

निश्चय पहनूंगी अब साड़ी हरी ही।

आज दिवाली है,

और हम मिलने जा रहे हैं,

मेरे आँगन में जगमगाते दीयों से।

मेरे घर का आँगन सबसे प्यारा है,

सबसे… प्यारा है।

Poems by – Nalini Das

My Inspiration for Choti Yaadein

This story is an ode to how the little things make home special – The colours, the fixtures that we often take for granted, our bonds with family and the traditions that bind us.

A young bride who visits her mayka or mother’s house for Diwali. This is the first time she visits as a married woman, with a new identity and a new status, and she is deciding the colour of the saree she wishes to wear to meet her parents. She, like many of us, wants to wear the right outfit for the occasion in a way that holds meaning.

Her home and its courtyard are not just spaces or bricks and mortar. They are a mosaic of memories, each colour, sound and fragrance, a symbol of warmth and love that reside there.


Author : Nalini Das

Nalini Das is an educator with a career spanning over 30 years of enlightening young minds. Her teaching goes beyond the curriculum, encouraging kids to let their creativity shine and fostering a genuine love for learning. When she's not in the classroom, Nalini enjoys writing poetry and short stories in English and Hindi. Beyond the classroom and her writing pursuits, she's a culinary virtuoso, delighting all with her mouthwatering dishes.

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