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A Feel Good Moment: Our Very First Blog

by TheFeelGoodMoments   ·  3 years ago   ·  

This is who we are, what we are. A collection of Feel Good moments: where we discover happiness in the small things of life to capture moments that make joy timeless.

A Few Moments

Feeling the morning sun on your face, while sipping a hot cup of kulhaad chai on a cold winter morning, your palms around the steaming cup of magic from the roadside tea stall. As you take that first sip, your lips curl up into a warm smile. The feel-good moment fills your heart.

Popping a sheet of bubble wrap that came with the package, releasing the trapped air from every bubble with a successful, oh-so-satisfying, POP. Never mind the new item it came with, we’ll get to that in some time. But the bubble wrap, it just makes us feel better with every P.O.P.! The moment we get the bubble wrap in our hands is the moment our stress begins to melt away.

The common denominator: These are genuine, Feel Good Moments.

They bring a smile to your face, and make your heart swell with joy. They simply make you happy.

Us too.

Happiness exists in the tiny moments that we often fail to recognize. We are so consumed by what we are doing that we have become blind to notice our amazing and wonderful LIFE as it unfolds before our eyes.

Happiness is fleeting, elusive and sometimes, it appears as a distant memory.

At times it feels abundant, at times unachievable.

It is, however, not unattainable or impossible. On the contrary, feeling good is extremely simple – you just need to discover (and sometimes rediscover) these moments.

We know that life at times can throw us into a loop. And sometimes, we just can’t feel the moment, let alone capture it. There may be some situations that may be out of our hands. But that does not mean that things are totally out of control. We only need to find that one moment, a fraction of it, to feel, good, better, AMAZING.

And we all DO have our moments.

The Feel Good Moments is our endeavour to document and capture these moments by looking at things from a more positive perspective. 

We at The Feel Good Moments believe that these special moments make joy timeless.

Just like the ocean is an endless, wondrous mass of singular drops of water. And a forest – an ever-green, ever-growing ecosystem that begins with a handful of seeds.

It’s just a matter of collecting these drops, these seeds – these simple moments of joy. And cherishing them.

This is our first blog. And we totally felt the moment writing this.

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