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8 Simple Health Tips for a Feel-Good Monsoon

by TheFeelGoodMoments   ·  2 years ago   ·  

No sweat, no stickiness, and no more scorching heat – The hot summer days are finally gone, and now it’s time to enjoy the refreshing monsoons. The charm of the raindrops, the beauty of the lush greenery, and the rainy season are just wonderful.

However, the rains also bring their own share of problems. Yes, many vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue, and water-borne diseases like typhoid and cholera can wreak havoc, along with viral infections like colds, flu, and cough that are common in this season. The lesson well learned in the past two years is to take good care of our physical health. So it is paramount to stay cautious and take necessary precautions against infections or diseases.

Here are simple health tips for you to remain hearty and healthy this monsoon season:

1. Avoid Eating Street Food

Although tempting, it is highly advisable to avoid eating fast food from street vendors. The monsoon season is all about good times and good food. You may crave tempting food items like bhajis, vada pav, or anything steaming hot and fried. But, before you indulge, remember that the monsoon creates water puddles outside that are an open breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Therefore, any food prepared in the vicinity of these puddles is exposed to germs or microorganisms. 

Ensure you cover food items. Also, avoid stale or raw foods, and wash vegetables and fruits well before you consume them. 

If you must indulge, then it’s best to enjoy delicacies either prepared in hygienically maintained places or cooked at home. 


The monsoon is incomplete without the aroma of rain, the fresh feeling, and some hot masala chai, bhajis, and pakoras. This is best enjoyed made at home and shared with friends and family, or even by yourself. 

2. Try Not to Get Wet

Getting wet is the norm in the rainy season. And with the winds and heavy rainfall, we are bound to get wet, especially when we want to stay dry. Avoiding the rain may be difficult, but we must try to stay warm. Always keep a set of spare clothes at your office. 

Try not to avoid heavy downpours and flooded areas as much as possible as there is a high risk of infections when one comes in contact with polluted water. Remember to have the monsoon essentials like umbrellas, water-proof shoes, raincoats, and so on.

3. Beat the Hunger with Protein Bars

Sometimes we are so hungry, especially when traveling to or from work, or even during work, that we are tempted to sate our hunger with something easily available and filling. But this could lead to various illnesses, including food poisoning if we consume snacks from unhygienic places.  

The Solution: Protein bars. This monsoon beat the hunger cravings with high-protein snack bars that are healthy and give your body the right nutrients. Another benefit is that these are dry snacks, meaning there is low to no risk of spillage in your bag. So, stock up on protein bars for a quick snack and to beat hunger pangs.  

4. Wear Fabric that Breathes

Avoid slow-drying and heavy-when-wet fabrics like wool and denim. These fabrics can cause skin rashes while keeping you wet and more susceptible to catching a cold. Opt for lightweight and easy-to-carry fabrics with low water absorption levels like cotton, mulmul, cotton blends like rayon, crepe blends, gabardine, and satin lycra. These fabrics can help you stay a little drier and a lot more stylish when stepping out in the rain.  

5. The Right Footwear: More Than Just a Fashion Statement

You could be carrying back some dirt and germs home that travel for free on your footwear. To get rid of such situations, go for mud-resistant and water-resistant shoes, so you disallow infections from coming into your home. You would also keep your feet dry and avoid catching a cold. Go for rubber shoes with a good grip ensuring comfort when walking on slippery roads. 


Use a door mat before your step into your home so most of the dirt gets trapped and left outside.

6. Keep Your Nails Clean

Nails must be kept clean and hygienic at all times, in all seasons. The underside of the nails can become a cozy home for bacteria and fungal infections, leading to further infections or illnesses. This can also lead to brittle nails that could chip. It’s best to maintain nail hygiene for both your fingernails and toenails. Avoid closed shoes all day long as this creates the perfect habitat for those nasty germs to thrive in. Use antifungal powder on and in between your toes. 

7. Antifungal Powder to the Rescue

Personal hygiene is key to avoiding monsoon dampness. Sweaty pits and bad odors can cause itchiness, rashes, and even infections. A good antifungal powder can keep that nasty smell away while also keeping you dry, feeling fresh, and rejuvenated throughout the day. It is advisable to keep it handy to use it at your convenience.

8. Beat the Flu!

It is important to stay healthy and fit during the monsoon. We are all well aware that the rainy weather is perfect for the flu virus to spread. Hence, to fight against the odds, add food products with antiseptic properties like ginger to your tea or make a habit of consuming turmeric milk. This will boost your immunity to fight off infections.

Have a proper intake of vitamin C, sleep early, wash your hands frequently, carry your monsoon essentials, take proper baths, exercise regularly and maintain overall cleanliness and hygiene. 

Health Tips for a Feel-Good Monsoon

The monsoon season, like any season, can take a toll on your health. It is a beautiful and free-spirited season to enjoy as it refreshes the earth and nourishes growth. We wish you to enjoy the rain while taking the necessary precautions to feel amazing while staying healthy. 

So, action the health measures listed here and enjoy feel-good moments with chai (or coffee) and pakoras (or any favorite snack).


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