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6 Financial Lessons we can learn from Ganesha

by Preeti Thanigaivel   ·  3 years ago   ·  

What do the great Hindu god Ganesha and money have in common?

Lord Ganesha can symbolize a lot of things to a lot of people. The very image of this Hindu god is a symbol in itself. But what can he teach us about financial lessons?

We can take inspiration from Lord Ganesha when it comes to managing our finances. The remover of obstacles, the god of beginnings – Ganapati, can teach us a few financial lessons that are so simple yet effective. 

The answer to the question at the start is prosperity. Being prosperous completely depends on you. Your approach and your method of managing your finances will help you gain prosperity. 

Ganesh Chaturthi or not, here are 6 lessons we can all learn from Lord Ganesha.

1. Keep an open mind

Lord Ganesh embodies an open mind with his big fanning ears that represent a willingness to listen to ideas both old and new. Similarly, when it comes to managing finances we should keep an open mind to both old-school and new-age financial advice. It is always good to listen to various viewpoints without passing judgment. This would help us make decisions impartially. This not only helps us get the bigger picture of the financial markets and our investments but also makes us aware of the various new avenues of growth.

2. Be focused

Just as you listen, you must be focused on the crux of the matter. If there is a problem you wish to resolve or a hurdle you wish to pass, you can focus on it to overcome it. Lord Ganesha’s keen eyes represent this focus on the goal. Once you have weighed in your decisions you need to channelize your energies into that razor-sharp focus to achieve your goal. This is what we can learn from Lord Ganesha.

3. Flexibility will lead to success

Change is the only constant feature. More so in the financial markets which are volatile ever so often. To adapt to this change, it is absolutely necessary to be flexible and dexterous with your financial investment strategies and tactics. Being flexible will ensure you make the right move at the right time, thus growing your wealth and prosperity. 

4. Appetite to grow

We have all heard of an appetite for risk. But it’s actually more important to have an appetite for growth. Note: growth is not directly or inversely proportional to risk. Risk is just a part of the game and does not signify growth directly. To attain new heights you need to be willing to grow and take all necessary actions to achieve your goals. 

Yes, risk is a constant companion on your road to growth, and knowing your risk-taking capacity would be step one. Only if you know your risk limits will you be able to grow while managing your risks. It is good to measure your actions through risk and results to understand what you can attain and how you can scale.

5. Have a healthy curiosity 

One must be willing to learn and know more. Just like Ganesha who wishes to acquire more knowledge. This expands one’s horizons as it empowers you with the knowledge of new ways and techniques to grow. Being curious helps you to unlock new investment opportunities, new ideas and methods, new lessons in managing your finances, new technologies, and new mediums of trading. And much much more. Ganesha has a big forehead for a reason, and we can learn to cultivate a healthy curiosity just like him   

6. Be humble

One of the most important attributes to have is humility. It is good to be confident and celebrate your victories, but it is folly to let your pride rule your decisions and actions. When you remain humble you remain porous to knowledge regardless of how much you know or how much you have achieved. There is a reason why Lord Ganesha has a mouse as his means of transport. It is a symbol of humility, knowing that we still have scope to grow more and remain true to ourselves. 

Lord Ganesh, through his image, can teach us so much. Adopting the qualities mentioned here can help us feel more in sync with our financial decisions. We hope you take a moment to reflect upon and fine-tune your financial (and life) decisions. And we wish you the very best in your financial and life’s endeavors.

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Are there any other financial lessons we can learn from Lord Ganesha? Comment below your thoughts.

6 Financial Lessons we can learn from Ganesha Ganpati Ganapati finance the feel good moments

Author : Preeti Thanigaivel

A professional with over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, Preeti writes about her experiences when it comes to career and productivity hacks. She started her career in real estate - transitioning from sales to marketing to copy-writing. As the co-founder of a content and marketing agency and the blog The Feel Good Moments, she writes on mental health, self-love, embracing body positivity and motivation. A mother to a little girl, she loves exploring and documenting the world through the eyes of her daughter and capturing feel-good moments a parent would cherish forever.

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