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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Ganesh Chaturthi

by Priya Mashru   ·  3 years ago   ·  

Ganesh Chaturthi, the ten-day festive celebration is almost here. The festival that began as a strategy to bring people together is now a popular celebration. This is the time when Ganesha is welcomed into homes and hearts, a celebration that brings families and communities together. To welcome the divine guest into our humble homes, there is a pre-festive prep that needs to be done. When you prepare your home for Ganesh Chaturthi, it not only gives us the opportunity to clear out clutter and refresh our dwellings but also gets us into a festive mood, full of cheer, excitement, and optimism.

And true to his name as the Lord of beginnings, Ganesh Chaturthi ushers in the festive period of the year.

Here are 5 simple ways to prepare your home for Ganesh Chaturthi

1. Declutter 

What better time than now to clear out your cabinets, cupboards, and sundry storages. We tend to realize rather late that we have turned into hoarders. The pre-festive preparations are a good opportunity to declutter and make way for positive energy in your home. 

Remove anything that is broken, outgrown, and not in use anymore. Sort them into piles that can be recycled, reused, and discarded. These would include old books, clothes, newspapers, toys, and any other item that is not in use anymore. 

Remember, your home is where you live and not a storage space.

2. Deep Clean 

Now that you have decluttered, it’s deep clean time. Get into the nooks and crannies to banish the dust that has accumulated. Give your surfaces a good cleansing so they are spotless. While you are at it, clean your appliances too. As you deep clean your home, you will see that sparkle and it will actually give you a sense of accomplishment. 

We have a simple deep cleaning guide you can check out.

3. Mood Lifting Festive Decor

Now that you are done decluttering and deep cleaning, it’s time to give your home that festive look to get into the mood.

Start with a toran on your door frame. With the many different types of torans available, you can go for the traditional marigold flower and mango leaf ones or the fancy torans with beads and embellishments.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Ganesh Chaturthi the feel good moments blog ganpati toran festive decor

You can also set up lamps, candles, decorative urns, fairy lights, and so on to give an overall festive look to your space.

Next, give your home a warm and welcoming look by refreshing your upholstery. Go for bright festive colors like reds, yellows, greens. Go for rugs that compliment the look and mood. 

Although metallic colors like gold and silver look great in the interiors, don’t overdo it as it may seem overwhelming. The metallic accents you use must accentuate yet balance the look of your home.

4. Good Time for a Change

Have you been thinking of experimenting with a decor idea but never got around to it? The pre-festive prep of your home is just as good a time as any to go for it. If it is an accent wall or a highlight area in your home, this is the right time to just do it.

Just make sure that it complements the rest of the decor elements and palette of your home. 

5. Decorate the Mandir

The mandir or pooja room can be decorated with rangolis, flowers, and ornamental diyas. Any brass and silverware to be polished till it shines and can be displayed as part of your decor. 

Remember, your place of worship in your home should give you a calm, peaceful vibe. So when decorating for any festivities, keep in mind that your designs and ideas must lead to the goal of this sacred space resonating positive energy.

The experience of preparing your home for Ganesh Chaturthi is a good one. And it gets better when all members of the household participate in it. It turns into a family activity. 

As you complete each of these steps, you will begin feeling a difference and an uplifting mood. You will feel good and ready to welcome the Lord into your home and hearts. We hope that our simple guide on how to prepare your home for Ganesh Chaturthi will bring joyful vibes into your abode.

And true to his name, The Lord of all Beginnings, you will begin anew with a clean home, clear mind, and a peaceful heart. 


Author : Priya Mashru

Priya is a marketing professional with 15+ years of experience in finance, advertising, real estate and e-commerce. She is also a co-founder of a content and marketing agency. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Priya has a deep appreciation for culture. Her wanderlust allows her to appreciate and respect the cultural richness of the deferent places she travels to. An avid cricket fan, a retro movie buff and a mom, Priya writes with words that captivate ones imagination.


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