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That Feel Good Moment of Jumping in Puddles

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Remember how much fun it was jumping in puddles? It is an important play activity too that’s good for your child. Here are 5 reasons why.


As a child, I loved jumping in puddles and making a big splash. I especially enjoyed this during the monsoons. 

At the time, I never understood why my mother or grandmother would fuss about dirtying my clothes. Actually, I didn’t care for it much because it was so much fun.

I had it down to a performance really.

1 – Find the right puddle
2 – Aim at said puddle
3 – Angle to make the jump
4 – Spring my little self into the air
5 – Land smack in the middle of the puddle
6 – With a guaranteed big splash
7 – Jump in the same puddle a few times
8 – Repeat with new puddle

If there were more puddles ahead, I would try to hop in every single one of them.

Just the memory of it makes me smile and allows me to reminisce about that awesome, feel-good moment, of making a big splash. I enjoyed it so many times as a child.

The novelty of this fun activity of course diminished as I grew older, but I relive those moments when I watch my child jump into puddles.

Watching the Joy of Kids Playing in the Rain

It’s such a treat to watch our children explore new surroundings, new environments and the world with such inquisitive, curious, joyful eyes! The absolute wonder that emanates from them is just indescribable. The rain, the puddles…oh and the amazing conversations about the little things and life itself. It turns philosophers of our little ones.

Like the conversation Raika has with her son when she visits the park one rainy afternoon on a weekday, a refreshing break from work with quality time spent well with her son. It’s so endearing, loving and cute🥰. What started out as a de-stressing break turned into an adorable yet deep bonding session between loved ones and nature.

She tells us a few generations ago we would jump carefree into puddles, streams and even mud to the horror of our elders. The many ‘chee-chee’ and the very Indian expression of disapproval ‘TSK TSK TSK’ would always fall on our deaf ears as we leapt like a frog from one puddle to the next.

The conversation takes a philosophical turn questioning life, death and the order of nature upon the discovery of a dead rat with a short prayer and moment of silence for its soul.

Here is the sweet rainy-day adventure…

I realized a few very important things about the benefits of jumping in puddles.

1. They learn some great skills

Having been a pro at the art of jumping into puddles, I can say that this activity improves motor skills and spatial awareness. The child learns to control one’s physical movements precisely to achieve a set of motions based on the environment. This activity improves their ability to measure the distance of the jump, the intensity required, the estimation of force required, all in a fun and engaging way.

2. This helps build immunity

A little bit of exposure always helps the child’s immunity to develop, especially if they engage with a natural element. In fact, there are several studies and research that prove that excessive hygiene will lead to a decline in exposure to natural germs or microbes, leading to reduced immunity response. I don’t advise doing this if the child is already having a cold or fever.

3. Physical exercise

Unlike us adults, children don’t really need a gym. They look at the world as an interactive gym with never-ending forms of exercise. Just when you think you have seen it all, they will surprise you with new use of the sofa or a chair or even a box. You can check out Child approved methods to play with a box. The puddles present an opportunity to strengthen their muscles and improve motor movements with jumping, stomping, kicking, running, and squatting. 

4. Nothing beats colouring the imagination

‘The goblins fear the mighty splash of the rain queen’, ‘The pirate who needs to access the puddle to get to her treasure’, or a simple ‘I’m a frog’ are just a few imaginative tales I can remember for now. But there are endless ways for children to engage with this lovely activity along with a colourful imagination.

Encouraging this imagination helps develop their creativity. And the world will always need creative people.

5. It’s important to have fun

This is a lesson we should all learn from our kids. When we have fun doing our tasks, it is no longer a dull, mundane chore. In the case of children, this helps them learn better and find new ways to do things. Once again, this is true for us as well.

Also, it is fun to watch them have fun.

The outfit I had as a child

However, I miss the rain-protective outfit I used to wear – a raincoat, a pair of gumboots, and an umbrella. I especially loved the ones with beads on the ends of their spokes. My raincoat was just up to my waist and the gumboots came halfway between my ankles and knees. 

The raincoat allows for a lot of mobility when a child has to play in the rain while the gumboots ensure that water or mud does not get the feet wet. Keeping one dry and comfy to launch into those lovely puddles that await. 

Let’s Jump into That Puddle NOW!

If you do decide to indulge your kids or even encourage them to jump into puddles, you will have to enjoy the moment and not, and I mean NOT, mind the scrunched-up nose and oh-no looks and voices from anyone around. They mean no harm, in fact, they actually mean well by sympathizing. 

But be sure to dress your child appropriately for this activity and play nice and not nasty (some do get carried away to play with the mud or even throw it). This activity is best enjoyed individually or in a group and with some parental supervision (not intrusion). And try to stick with watery puddles rather than muddy puddles.

So get ready, and venture out into the world of puddles and a lot of good moments.

P.S. I sneak in a bit of jumping in puddles too 😀

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