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13 Amazing Ways to Use Fairy Lights at Home

by Niviya Vas   ·  8 months ago   ·  

Many people love the idea of fairy lights, but don’t know how to use them. Make your home sparkle with these creative ideas!


Ever since I was a child, I’ve been enchanted by the soft, twinkling glow of fairy lights. They have the power to turn ordinary spaces into dreamy realms, and over the years, I’ve experimented with them in countless ways.

From creating a starlit canopy above my bed to crafting luminous mason jar centre-pieces for dinners at home, fairy lights have been my go-to for adding a touch of magic to everyday life. 

Here are some of my favourite and creative fairy light ideas.

1. In the Bedroom

The bedroom, our personal haven, deserves a touch of whimsy. Draping fairy lights over the headboard or around the bed frame can transform your room into a starlit sanctuary. I remember a particularly challenging week at work, when the soft glow of my fairy-lit bedroom provided much-needed comfort, making bedtime feel like a retreat into a dream.

For those with kids or a vivid imagination, creating a fairy light tent in the bedroom is pure magic. It’s the perfect spot for storytelling, imaginative play, or simply daydreaming.

 fairy Decoration of Bedroom in Diwali

2. Photos and Frames

One summer, I decided to combine my love for photography with fairy lights. I clipped my favourite photographs onto a string of lights, turning a blank wall into a luminous memory lane. Each glowing photo tells a story, reminding me of the adventures and moments that have shaped my life.

 Fairy Lights on Photos and Frames

3. Curtains and Drapes

Can you put fairy lights on curtains? The answer is a resounding yes!

Intertwining them with sheer curtains creates a mesmerising effect, much like fireflies dancing on a midsummer night. It’s a sight that has often left my guests in awe, making evening gatherings all the more magical.

Curtains and Drapes

4. Illuminated Words

Words have power, and when illuminated, they shine even brighter. Choose a word or quote that resonates with you, paint it on a canvas or wall, and surround it with fairy lights. It works as a glowing reminder of the values and beliefs that guide you.

Illuminated Words

5. Vanity Lights

My mornings begin at my dressing table. Adorning it with fairy lights not only provides soft lighting but also adds a touch of glamour, making the daily routine feel like a special ritual.

Vanity Lights

6. Hanging Chair

Tucked away in a corner of my living room is a hanging chair, my favourite spot for reading. Fairy lights wrapped around it create a cosy nook, making every moment spent there feel like a mini escape.

Hanging Chair

7. Decorative Tree Light

Fairy lights can light up your space and it does not have to be limited to the festive season. Wrapping them around indoor plants and trees adds a touch of enchantment all year round. My indoor plants, illuminated with golden lights, are constant sources of joy and wonder.

Decorative Tree Light

8. Kitchen Shelves

The kitchen deserves its share of fairy light magic. Draping them across shelves, illuminating favourite dishes and glassware, adds a radiant touch to late-night snack sessions and early-morning coffee rituals.

Kitchen Shelves

9. Mason Jars

Mason jar fairy lights ideas are countless, as evidenced by Pinterest! Filling jars with lights and placing them around the house creates a rustic, glowing ambience. I’ve used them as centre-pieces for dinners, and they never fail to impress.

Once, I was inspired by the clear starry nights, and recreated this at home by filling mason jars with fairy lights and placing them on bedside tables. The soft glow of these DIY night lamps made every night feel like sleeping under a starry sky.

Old wine bottles, too, get a new lease of life when you fill them with fairy lights. Placed on a living room shelf or any visible shelf, they added a vintage charm to any space. Each bottle, with its unique shape and colour, illuminated in a different hue, creates a mesmerising display.

Mason Jars

10. Bookshelves

As an avid reader, my bookshelf holds a special place in my heart. Fairy lights woven between books make it a luminous treasure trove, inviting me to dive into the world of stories.


11. Garden

One of my most cherished memories is of a summer evening when my grandmother decided to give her garden a fairy tale makeover. She and I intertwined fairy lights with the trellis, creating a shimmering pathway. As the sun set and the lights began to glow, my grandmother’s little garden transformed into an enchanted oasis. It became my favourite spot for evening tea, surrounded by the soft glow of fairy lights and the sounds of nature.

Similarly, my apartment balcony became my dreamy retreat when I hung fairy lights from the ceiling. Paired with some soft cushions and blankets, it became the perfect spot for late-night conversations and stargazing.


12. On Staircases

Staircases, often overlooked, can become the centre of attention when adorned with fairy lights. Each step, illuminated, can feel like a step into a wonderland. It not only adds a decorative touch but also ensures safety during nighttime.

On Staircases

13. As Festive Decor

Be it Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or any festive occasion, fairy lights have been an integral part of festive decor. They add a festive spirit, making every celebration even more special. Get the kids involved, it will make for a memorable Diwali celebration with many teachable and bonding moments.

As Festive Decor

Some Tips for Using Fairy Lights

  • Safety First: Always ensure that the fairy lights you use are safe for indoor or outdoor use, depending on where you’re placing them.
  • Battery vs. Electric: While electric fairy lights provide a consistent glow, battery-operated ones offer more flexibility in placement.
  • LED Lights: Opt for LED fairy lights as they are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan.
  • Experiment with Colours: While warm white fairy lights are classic, experimenting with different colours can create unique moods and atmospheres.
  • Combine with different decor elements: When you use fairy lights with different decor elements it can make the room or corner look lovely. The lights can accentuate a decor item that you intend to be the centrepiece of or can also subtly tie all the decor elements together. Try combining simple fairy lights with a colourful lantern, it’s tried and tested over generations and no wonder a hot favourite decor go-to even today.

In Closing – Easily Elevate Your Home with Fairy Lights

The beauty of fairy lights is how versatile they are when it comes to home decor. They have the power to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and create memories. From bedrooms to kitchens, they add a touch of magic, turning everyday moments into extraordinary ones. Whether you’re looking to add a dash of whimsy to your home or create a dreamy ambience for a special occasion, fairy lights are your answer. 

Embrace their glow and let your space shine.


Author : Niviya Vas

Niviya Vas is an independent content writer and marketer. She delights in writing about books, finance, food and travel. When her rescue cats allow, she slow-travels and documents her experiences in her blog, Commoner’s Causeway.


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