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How Can I Motivate Myself to Clean My House?

by Preeti Thanigaivel   ·  7 months ago   ·  

Cleaning your home can be a lot of work. Here are some house cleaning motivation and tips to help make the job super easy and fun.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a clean home, is there? The sunlight seems brighter, the air feels fresher, and there’s an undeniable sense of accomplishment. More than that, a tidy space often translates to a clear mind. After all, a cluttered home can mirror a cluttered mind. So, when our surroundings are in order, it’s like lifting a mental weight off our shoulders.

Yet, for many of us, the thought of cleaning our homes can feel like an insurmountable task. The sheer idea of scrubbing, dusting, and organising can be overwhelming, and let’s face it, we don’t always wake up with the motivation to clean.

When you feel like you’re in a slump, how do you find the drive and motivation to clean your house? Let’s see…

The Joy of a Clean Space

I remember visiting my grandmother’s house as a child. Every corner of her home told a story, every item had its designated spot, and there was a sense of order that always fascinated me. It wasn’t a large house, but it was immaculate.

One day, I asked her, “Ammai, how do you keep everything so perfect?” She smiled, her eyes wisely and said, “Kanna, it’s not about perfection. It’s about finding joy in the little things, like the shine of a freshly polished table or the crisp sheets on a newly made bed. That’s my motivation.”

The Transformative Power of Cleaning

There’s a transformative power in cleaning that goes beyond just the physical act. It’s a therapeutic process, a way to declutter not just our homes but our minds as well. When our surroundings are tidy, our thoughts often follow suit. Think about it: have you ever felt a weight lifted off your shoulders after a cleaning session? That’s the magic of a clean space.

The Emotional Connection to Our Spaces

Our homes reflect our inner selves. A messy room can sometimes indicate a cluttered mind or a period of stress. And a clean and organised space can boost our mood, productivity, and overall well-being. By understanding this emotional connection, we can harness it as a driving force. When we clean, we’re not just tidying up; we’re setting the stage for better mental health and a more balanced life.

House Cleaning Inspiration Ideas

Drawing from my grandmother’s wisdom, I realised that motivation often stems from seeking joy in the process, not just the outcome. When we shift our perspective from viewing cleaning as a chore to seeing it as a means to create a harmonious space, the task becomes less daunting.

  • Visualise the End Result: Before you start, take a moment to imagine how you’d feel walking into a clean room. That sense of accomplishment, the calmness it brings – let that be your driving force.
  • Set Small Goals: Instead of thinking, “I need to clean the entire house,” break it down. Today, it could be the living room, tomorrow the kitchen. Small victories often lead to bigger achievements. Follow the one-hour cleaning method to make the best of your cleaning agenda.
  • Reward Yourself: Promise yourself a treat, an outfit, a gadget, a book even. Get it once you’ve completed your cleaning task. An age-old method for motivation finding an application in your home? Why not!
House Cleaning Inspiration Ideas

How Can I Make My Cleaning More Interesting?

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a monotonous task. With a little creativity, you can turn it into an enjoyable activity. Here are some ways I add a dash of fun to my cleaning routine:

  • Dance to the Beat: Create a cleaning playlist with all your favourite upbeat tracks. As you dust and scrub, let the rhythm take over!
  • Podcasts and Audiobooks: Listen to intriguing stories while you clean or learn something new. With podcasts and audiobooks, you can immerse yourself in a different world while making your own a cleaner place.
  • Time Yourself: Nothing like a healthy competition with yourself. Make it a game! Set a timer and challenge yourself to clean a particular area before it goes off. It adds a sense of urgency and a fun competitive edge.
  • Make a Strategy: If you like drawing up intricate plans or love getting a kick out of being systematic then make a room-by-room cleaning strategy. Half the battle is won with a positive mindset and the other half with a well-thought-out plan.
  • Involve the Family: Turn cleaning into a family activity. Assign tasks, play games, and see who finishes first. It’s a great way to bond and get the job done faster.
  • Theme Days: Choose themes for specific days. For instance, ‘Tidy-up Tuesdays’ or ‘Wipe-down Wednesdays’. It adds a fun twist and gives you something to look forward to.
How Can I Make My Cleaning

Best 4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean

Finding the initial push to start cleaning can sometimes be the hardest part. Here are some motivating house-cleaning habits to get you going:

1. Start with What You Dislike the Most

Sound counterintuitive? Perhaps. But tackling the most challenging task first can be incredibly motivating. Once you get that out of the way, everything else feels like a breeze.

4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean

2. Dress the Part

Wear comfortable clothes, put on those gloves, and get into the ‘cleaning zone. Sometimes, dressing for the task can mentally prepare you for it.

House Cleaning

3. Use Quality Supplies

Invest in good quality cleaning supplies. When you have tools that work well, the task becomes easier and more enjoyable.

good quality cleaning

4. Set a Regular Schedule

Instead of waiting for things to get messy, set a regular cleaning schedule. It could be daily, weekly or bi-weekly. A routine helps in maintaining consistency.

How To Schedule Cleaning Time

How to Overcome Roadblocks in Cleaning

Every journey has its hurdles, and the path to a clean home is no different, even though it may seem surprising. Here are some common cleaning challenges and how you can overcome them:

  • Lack of Time: If you’re pressed for time, focus on high-impact areas like the living room or kitchen. Remember, even 15 minutes of cleaning can make a big difference.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed: Break tasks into smaller chunks. Instead of aiming to clean the entire house, focus on one room or even one corner.
  • Distractions: Keep your phone away, set a timer, and dedicate that time just to cleaning. It’s amazing how much we can achieve without distractions.

House Cleaning Inspiration Ideas

Create a Cleaning Vision Board

Visual aids can be powerful motivators. Create a vision board with images of beautifully organised rooms, inspiring quotes, and your goals. Place it somewhere you’ll see daily as a reminder of what you’re working towards. Or, use Pinterest if doing this online works better for you.

Document Your Progress

Take before and after photos. The visual difference can be a massive boost to your morale and motivation. Plus, on days when you feel like you’re not making progress, these photos can remind you of how far you’ve come.

Connect with a Cleaning Community

Join online forums or social media groups dedicated to cleaning and organising. Your regular Whatsapp group of like-minded friends can also help. Share tips, progress, and challenges with like-minded individuals can be incredibly motivating.

In Closing

Finding the motivation to clean is all about perspective. When we view cleaning as a means to create a peaceful, harmonious space, it becomes less of a chore and more of a joy. 

I still remember my grandmother’s words – it’s about finding happiness in the little things, and not in perfection. The next time you pick up that broom or duster, think of the magic you’re creating for yourself and your family, one clean corner at a time.


Author : Preeti Thanigaivel

A professional with over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, Preeti writes about her experiences when it comes to career and productivity hacks. She started her career in real estate - transitioning from sales to marketing to copy-writing. As the co-founder of a content and marketing agency and the blog The Feel Good Moments, she writes on mental health, self-love, embracing body positivity and motivation. A mother to a little girl, she loves exploring and documenting the world through the eyes of her daughter and capturing feel-good moments a parent would cherish forever.


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