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Happy 2024! Here’s a Feel-Good New Year Shopping List 

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Let’s begin 2023 with a new year shopping list. We present a list of practical and eco-friendly products for a happy lifestyle.


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Happy New Year!

It’s now officially 2023. And an opportunity to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

It’s a time for change, resolutions and a brand new start. So, let’s begin the new year on a positive note by consciously making practical and eco-friendly choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle. 

Presenting, A 2023 Feel Good New Year Shopping list

A great way to start the year with good choices that make you feel good.

1. Plaeto Shoes

Here’s a range of shoes for the Indian foot. Designed to suit the uniqueness and challenges an Indian foot may face, Plato Shoes are designed to accommodate the needs of the Indian child, so they can enjoy unhindered play with zero full stops. It comes in great designs, it is easily washable, can outlast the average sneaker, and has a 50% lower carbon footprint.

Get them here in the range of Rs. 1499 to Rs. 2699/-

2. Wipro Vesta Multi Cooker

Make life easy with the Wipro Vesta Multi Cooker. An awesome appliance that can cook instant noodles, and pasta; you can steam rice, momos, veggies, dhoklas, and yes, boil water, and milk and prepare tea as well. This classy-looking cooker kettle with touch function is super easy to use and super convenient to have in the kitchen.

Get it here for Rs. 2199

3. Sparrow Floral Cotton Bedsheet by Haus & Kinder

Start the new year with 100% cotton double bedsheets with a sweet design of flowers and sparrows. Modern, chic, trendy and so calming to look at, a perfect invitation to a nap, a night of peaceful sleep and happy dreams. A must-add to your new year shopping list.

Get it here for Rs. 1,039

4. Purse & Handbag Organiser

Empty a purse and you will find the strangest of essentials. Nonetheless, to each purse owner, all the items are necessary and do come in handy in all kinds of emergencies. Presenting the Purse and Handbag Organiser Insert, a super-efficient way to organise your essentials that otherwise tend to go all over the place in your handbag. This insert helps you switch bags to match your outfits without the hassle of transferring every item. What a time saver! Bonus – it also helps retain the bag’s shape while neatly storing your bag’s items and a water bottle in pockets and compartments.

Get it here for Rs. 3,277

5. Plantable Jute Eco-friendly Stationery Kit from BioQ

Stationery essentials on the go, in an eco-friendly jute kit complete with the notepads, file, folder, plantable pencils & pens and two mini cocopots with cocopeat disks. Now, isn’t this a nice way to start the year? A perfect green gift, this stationery kit comes with a jute sling bag. The packaging and body of the pencils and pens are made with 100% recycled and biodegradable paper. The assorted seeds, when planted, grow into colourful flowering plants, herbs and vegetable plants. We already have this on our new year shopping list. 

Get it here for Rs. 899

6. Xtend Smartwatch from boAt

A new year resolution list is incomplete without a fitness goal. However, it is a good resolution worth sticking to. A good way to commit to fitness would be with an Xtend Smartwatch from boAt, simple to use, and gives you the stats that matter the most. What’s more, you can match the smartwatch to your OOTD as it comes with multiple watch faces with customizable options. With the built-in Alexa voice assistant life becomes easier with setting alarms, reminders, cricket scores and weather forecasts, all with a simple voice command. 

Get it here for Rs. 2,659

7. Multi Steam Cooker from Steemo

Let’s start the new year by eating more healthy meals. The multi-steam cooker can help us do just that. With the latest turbo steam generator, it can reach maximum steaming power in 30 seconds and the powerful steam distribution allows uniform cooking of the food. The dual chambers help cook foods separately. You can cook a variety of items with practically no oil like idly, dhokla, pulao, khichdi, noodles, kheer, cake, eggs, momos, veggies, seafood potatoes and more. 

Get it here for Rs. 5,380

8. Crossbody Shoulder Sling Bag by Red Lemon

Look trendy with the shoulder sling bag. You can wear it on the back or on the chest making it super convenient if your daily routine includes commuting by bus, metro or train. Ideal for college, office and even travel, the crossbody shoulder sling bag has several pockets including a hidden zipper pocket so you can store your wallet, cash and cards safely. 

Get it here for Rs. 1,899

9. Kindle Paperwhite 

Reading is a great habit to cultivate in the new year. The all-new Kindle Paperwhite with 16 GB storage and a 6.8” display can help you develop a reading habit. But what makes for good reading on a Kindle? Thinner bodies, adjustable warm light, up to 10 weeks of battery life, a 300 PPI glare-free display and a waterproof feature will make for an amazingly seamless reading experience. Read during the day or night, in dim and bright light with the warm light feature, store thousands of books and unlock a world of stories on this super convenient reading device. 

Get it here for Rs. 14,999

10. Fruit Infuser Glass Water Bottle from InstaCuppa

Infuse the water you drink with the goodness of fruits or prepare a detox tea infusion to enjoy a refreshing and much better taste. This stylish bottle is lightweight, durable and leakproof, making it super convenient to carry. The bottle and sleeve are both washable and the bottle comes with markings to act as a reminder for you to take your daily water intake. Sip in style, sip for wellness and health. 

Available in different colours.

Get it here for Rs. 1,599

11. Zero D Blue Light Blocking Spectacle

Protect your eyes from the blue light of digital screens. With technology that blocks the blue light, these spectacles will alleviate irritating eye conditions like dry or blurry eyes, eye fatigue, discomfort and headaches that occur due to prolonged exposure to computer and mobile screens. The lightweight and durable frame makes it comfortable to wear for as long as you are viewing the screen.

Get it here for Rs. 1,199

12. Stackable Plastic Storage Basket from GrowArth

Looking for a systematic solution to store stuff at home? The multi-functional stackable closet organiser boxes are an efficient way to organise stuff like shoes, toys, clothes, snacks, files and paperwork. With its slide rail design, it can be easily kept in any room of the house or even the office. It’s easy to set up, easy to store and a must-add item to your new year shopping list. 

Get it here for Rs. 2,499

13. Journal Diary With Lock

Here’s an idea, you can begin the new year by maintaining a diary that captures your thoughts. You could turn it into a gratitude journal, or something to take down notes in. This beautiful journal comes with a striking cover of a serigraph art butterfly and Coptic binding. There is a little lock that keeps your diary neatly closed once you begin filling in the pages. A traveller’s companion, a teen’s first diary, a note capturer, or a writer’s canvas, this diary can play different roles and makes for a perfect new year gift.

Get it here for Rs. 590

14. Stainless Steel Straw from Bloomingdale

If your new year’s resolution is to go green then you can start with these reusable stainless steel straws. This set comes with two pairs of bend pipe straws and two pairs of long straws and a cleaning brush. The reusable, eco-friendly straws are BPA and lead-free and have no metal after-taste and no oxidation. One set of stainless steel straws can be used for years, replacing hundreds if not thousands of single-use plastic straws. Now, isn’t it a good idea to add this to your new year shopping list?

Get it here for Rs. 99

15. Pop Grip for mobile phones by PopSockets

A classy vibe that’s comfortable when you text, take selfies or just scroll on your phone, the black Pop Grip is a cool way to handle your phone without the worry of dropping it. You can even use it as a stand for your phone whenever you want a hands-free video-watching experience.

Get it here for Rs. 499

16. Rustic Mail Organizer with Chalkboard and Key Hooks

Another organizer makes our list. This time a letter holder and key rack that you can hang near your door for quick access. No more shabby dumping of mail, letters or other knick-knack papers. This organizer will help you store your letters systematically and give you quick access to your keys. But that’s not all. It also has a chalkboard for you to note reminders or some feel-good quotes. Easy to install and super convenient, the finish of torched brown distressed wood will render your interiors a rustic chic look. if you don’t have one then add it to your shopping list.

Get it here for Rs. 5,566

17. Coffee Maker from Black & Decker

A mini coffee machine so you can enjoy a fresh brew anywhere, anytime. The Back+Decker DCM25 coffee maker is a cute little portable, compact, one-cup coffee maker that’s simply perfect for an individual. Designed to save space, time and effort and absolutely hassle-free when it comes to maintenance, this is a perfect gift to yourself or someone you love. If you are working from home or someone who just likes a hot cup-a-joe while travelling your fresh brew is ready to enjoy in just 5 minutes. This one is already on our new year shopping list.

Get it here for Rs. 999

18. Tea Candle Stand from Metal Roots

Add a subtle accent of warm ambience to your home decor with this dainty tea candle stand. Made in India by local craftsmen, this candle stand lends sophistication to a space with its simplistic design. The perfect touch to add a glow of elegance to your home in the new year.

Get it for Rs. 325

19. Memories Photo Frame 

Here’s a thought – let’s begin the new year with a celebration of all the feel-good memories of the last year. Make a collage of your photographs with the memories photo frame which can be easily hung on a wall in your home. Celebrate love, friendship, a vacation, a birthday and many more happy moments through photographs as the year progresses. Here’s a bonus, it also comes with LED lights making it a cute highlight on your room’s wall.

Get it for Rs. 484

20. A Pair of 2KG Red Dumbbells 

Let’s get some weights in the exercise routine. Nothing fancy, just a couple of vinyl red dumbbells that will make you look super awesome while working out. With High-quality, pocket-friendly, hexagon-shaped edges for easy storage and less rolling, these dumbbells will help you burn calories and get sculpted in style. Crush that fitness resolution, and look good while doing it too. 

Get it for Rs. 544

21. Reusable Grocery Bag

When you carry your carry bag it helps the environment. But when your carry bag practically carries itself, without you stuffing it into your handbag or pocket, that’s just uber convenient. It comes in a case with a mini clip that can be attached to a bag or a key ring. Waterproof, lightweight, reusable, durable and portable; now, isn’t that nifty?

Get it here for Rs. 249

22. Elite Cushion Pad

There’s is something about sitting on the floor that brings back fond memories. Here’s a super comfortable, and might we add a convenient way to do just that. The elite cushion pad can be used as a soft floor cushion and can also be stored away under a bed, couch or storage cabinet. The apt thickness, breathable fabric and practical colours make for a cosy seating experience. Read a book, take a nap, watch a movie, practice meditation; use it on the floor, or on a bench – there are many ways you can enjoy the elite cushion pad. 

Get it here for Rs. 1,249

23. Men’s Track Suit by Vimal Jonney

Get comfortable when getting fit with the pocket-friendly men’s tracksuit. This activewear is designed to keep you moving while giving you maximum comfort. Walk, run, play or dance, whatever your activity may be, do it all in style. We’ve already added this to our new year shopping list.   

Get it here for Rs. 649


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