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23 Feel Good Christmas Gifts to Shop on Amazon 

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Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your kid? Here’s a shopping list of 23 feel good Christmas gifts to buy from Amazon right now.


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Tis’ the season of joy, cheer and playing Secret Santa. Giving gifts has a certain charm regardless of the occasion, especially when the recipient is a child, friend, family member or work colleague. We often get in a bind thinking of what gift to get for them. We turn into researchers searching high and low to come up with something befitting the person and our expression. 

One can basically find almost anything on Amazon, from the unique to the useful. However, nailing that perfect gift can become a challenge when faced with an overwhelming number of options. Let’s make life simpler.

We present to you our list of 23 carefully curated Feel Good Christmas gifts to shop on Amazon right now!

1. Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids

Say goodbye to screentime with the Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids. This portable player comes loaded with stories, rhymes and shlokas. It comes loaded with Bluetooth, USB support, AUX in/out and a loop function. Completely portable and requiring no internet, this essential learning device will become your child’s new best friend.

Get it here for Rs. 2990/-

2. My First Library: Boxset of 10 Board Books

Introduce your young one to the wonderful world of reading with this collection of 10 board books. This set of well-researched books includes a range of engaging topics ranging from alphabets to numbers, shapes, colours, birds, animals, fruits, animals and more. A great way to develop reading skills that enhances essential skills like vocabulary, listening and observation. 

Get it here for Rs. 399/-

3. ButterflyEduFields Wooden Alphabets Puzzle Toys

The alphabet stacking blocks are a Montessori learning toy that improves alphanumeric recognition along with hand-eye coordination. Made with safe natural wood with non-toxic paints, the ButterflyEdyFields Wooden Alphabet Puzzle will make a perfect Christmas gift for kids aged 3 years old and up.

Get it here for Rs. 449/-

4. Skillmatics Memory Match Board Game

A perfectly sized gift for tiny-sized hands, the Skillmatics Memory Match Board Game is great for kids and families. You can either match the tiles or roll the special die to find the objects, this incredibly fun game helps kids learn through play, improving their critical thinking skills, memory and observation skills.

Get it here for Rs. 640/-

5. Proffisy Colourful Screen LCD Writing Tablet Pad

The Proffisy writing tablet for kids is an amazing way to introduce kids to technology that is fun and interactive. The 8.5-inch LCD colour screen has no radiation and is safe to use. With multiple colour display, when your child draws a rainbow, colourful lines will appear. Designed for portability and inspiring creativity, this is a thoughtful Christmas gift for kids.

Get it here for Rs. 629/-

6. Luma World’s Galaxy Raiders STEM Strategy Board

Humans have entered the space age! As the commander of your Galactic fleet, you are in charge of capturing new planets and moons. And also defeat the Galaxy Raiders. Introduce your child to a learning multiverse this interactive strategy board game that will hone their problem-solving and mathematical skills. Super fun, super engaging and replayable with unlimited outcomes, this game is ideal for all kids and adults alike.

Get it here for Rs. 799/-

7. Imagimake Fabulous Craft Kit with 20+ items

A complete craft kit to keep your kids busy and 20 craft activities like stamp art, clay modelling, band making, paper quilling and glass painting. This kit helps kids explore and express their creativity through the various items and activities making it an engaging Christmas gift.

Get it here for Rs.1,199/-

8. Filymore Unicorn Kids Single Bedsheet

Unicorn bedsheet for unicorn dreams. This list would be incomplete without a unicorn-themed Christmas gift. This cute kids’ bedsheet will totally wow your child. We know we are obsessed with it. Available in multiple colours.

Get it here for Rs. 389/-

9. Skillmatics Board Game : Sinking Stones

Another strategy board game makes our list and we absolutely love it. In Sinking Stones, the player has to save themselves from drowning. They have to hop off stones quickly or grab a float. In this fast-paced game of survival, there are countless opportunities and outcomes, making for hours of interactive gameplay and fun.

Get it here for Rs. 885/-

10. PlayShifu Educational Globe for Kids

Your kid turns into an explorer of planet Earth with this educational globe. They can scan this globe with an app that brings alive the various countries making for very interesting and informative storytelling with facts, music, voice interaction, puzzles and more. Explore over 400 wonders across many categories in AR. A fascinating Christmas gift for the young explorer.

Get it here for Rs. 1,999/-

11. Smartivity DIY Pinball Machine

A DIY pinball machine that requires no tools, meaning no mess. Easy to assemble and disassemble, this kit required minimal adult involvement with modular assembly for self-paced construction. With concepts like momentum, energy transfer and levers, your kids will be learning and having fun. The best part, it’s screen-free learning that improves critical thinking.

Get it here for Rs. 1,249/-

12. Rooh Dream Catcher

Handwoven with love and positivity, the Rooh Dream Catcher is beautifully crafted to protect one from unpleasant dreams. Every dream catcher is completely handcrafted by women artisans in India and is made with free-range feathers only. With its subtle colours and simple beauty, this makes a wonderful and thoughtful Christmas gift. Available in blue and pink.

Get it here for Rs. 325/-

13. ADISA Sling Bag

A cute and trendy box-shaped sling bag, this is a great gifting idea for girls and women. It is a medium-sized bag with a gold-coloured chain for extra bling. If you want to reduce the bling and hold the bag in your hand, you can just tuck it in and carry it like a clutch. Available in different pretty colours to match different outfits.

Get it here for Rs. 399/-

14. The Sherlock Holmes Series:  Complete Collection of 7 Books

The Sherlock Holmes series of books is a great way to introduce children to a reading habit. The mastermind detective has always turned readers into mystery sleuths. Set in Victorian England, it introduces the reader to a different world devoid of technology or any of the modern detecting tools. The only thing the world-famous detective relies on is his incredible skills of observation and deduction.

Get it here for Rs.930/-

15. Gizga Laptop Sleeve

A safer, more stylish way to carry a laptop, this laptop sleeve case has a soft puffy fabric on the inside along with foam cushions that ensure protection for your device. What we love about this is that it is unisex and people of any age can use it, making it a universal gift.

Get it here for Rs. 449/

16. BTS Water Bottle and Coffee Mug

A great Christmas gift for the BTS fan, this water bottle and coffee mug set looks amazing in black and white and the autographs of the BTS group members. The bottle is made of aluminium and the mug is made of high-quality ceramic making both pieces durable, environment friendly and reusable.

Get it here for Rs.500/-

17. Wooden Magnetic Chess Set by BCBESTCHESS

There is something about a wooden chessboard and the wooden chess pieces that feels traditional. Being magnetic this modern chess set is foldable and super convenient to carry and play both indoors and outdoors. The chess board itself is anti-scratch and you can play a game anywhere, even in transport that moves thanks to the grooves on the board that hold each chess piece in place.

Get it here for Rs. 1,299/-

18. Sportneer Table Tennis Set

The perfect gift for the avid table tennis player, this 2-player set includes 2 bats and 4 balls which can be carried easily. The innovative ergonomic design reduces stress and improves the grip on the handle. The bats themselves are designed to give excellent spin making for a fun game.

Get it here for Rs. 869/-

19. Digitek Portable Tripod

The lightweight portable aluminium tripod makes a good gift to someone who loves taking pictures or creating content for Instagram. It can be used for DSLR cameras and smartphones and comes with a carry bag. The built-in bubble head allows for tilt and swivel in both landscape and portrait options.

Get it here for Rs. 999/-

20. Hummingbird Wind Chime by The Home Remedy

A beautiful wind chime that is literally lit. This solar-powered wind chime charges during the day and glows at night. It can glow for up to 8-12 hours on a complete charge. The hummingbirds alternate colours giving the illusion of being in flight when it catches the evening breeze. A perfect harmony of tinkling sounds and pleasing colours makes for a beautiful gift that can be admired by kids and adults alike.

Get it here for Rs. 990/-

21. Scented Jar Candles by House of Aroma

Stress relieving aromatherapy in the form of 3 delicately crafted scented candles, a thoughtful gift to enrich the home’s ambience. The set contains Midnight Jasmine, Caribbean Summer and earthy Meditation scented candles. Ideal for your work desk, study desk or just the home decor.

Get it here for Rs. 1,599/-

22. Tabletop Treelight by Midkart

Gift a touch of magic with the tabletop tree light that comes with 108 LED lights and adjustable branches. The warm white light renders a soothing dreamy glow because of the natural shape of the tree. A night light, a decor light or just something to lighten the mood at home, it’s bound to lift and lighten the mood no matter where it is placed.

Get it here for Rs.1,199/-

23. Dry Fruit Container and Tray Set by Selvel

A set of gold-marbled airtight containers that fit snugly on a serving tray, this makes a practical and pretty gift for any occasion. The snap-seal containers are ideal for serving dry fruits or other dry snacks when you have guests over, a beautiful way to entertain and serve in style.

Get it here for Rs. 1,199/-


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