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14 Valentine’s Day Gifts to buy from Amazon for under Rs.1000

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Surprise your sweetheart with a creative and thoughtful gift. Here’s a list of valentine’s day gifts from Amazon under Rs.1000.


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Love is often expressed in many ways, loving words, poetry, serenades or gifts. Sure, chocolates, candies, soft toys and flowers are the go-to gifts that say ‘I Love You’. But sometimes we think of creative ways to show our love, gratitude and admiration to our loved ones. What matters is that the gifts are thoughtful and hold meaning.

Presenting, 14 Valentine’s Day gifts to express your love.

1. GOVO GOKIXX 621 Bluetooth Neckband Earphones

Happiness is long hands-free conversations that can last for hours. Gift your loved one with the GOVO GOKIXX 621 Bluetooth neckband earphones. With 22 hours of battery life, fast charge and noise-cancellation features, one can enjoy music, work with focus or just have lovely long conversations.

Get a pair here for Rs. 999

2. The Perfume and Wallet Combination for Men

Thinking of a gift for men can become a challenge. Well, not anymore. The perfume and wallet combination kit by the Bombay Shaving Company makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. This gift kit comes with an alluring perfume with the refreshing aroma of vanilla and mystic basic notes, and a classy top-grain pure leather wallet that ages beautifully.  

Get the kit here for Rs. 599

3. Love Agreement in a Jar

One way to say I LOVE YOU is with a DIY gift. Check out this cute agreement that you can gift to your significant other. Complete with terms and conditions of undying love, which can be signed and sealed in a little glass bottle, we think it makes for a perfect Valentine’s day gift which you can combine with chocolates and flowers. 

Get it here for Rs. 179 

4. The You & Me Cushion & Mug Set

To be in love feels like a warm embrace. Just like a cosy corner with a super comfortable cushion and a mug for your favourite tea or coffee. Gift your loved one the thoughtful gift set of a You & Me cushion and mug. You are sure to receive many warm and loving hugs in return. 

Get the kit here for Rs. 279

5. A Cute Couple Hug Miniature Statue 

We came across the perfect Hug Day gift. A miniature resin statue of a couple. It’s so cute and so romantic and just shows love and endearing togetherness. It also comes with a sweet little greeting card with a heartwarming message.

Get it here for Rs. 199

6. Cadbury Silk in a Heart-Shaped Box

Chocolates, a traditional gift that says ‘I love you very much’. Here’s a box of premium Cadbury Silk chocolates to surprise your Valentine with the irresistible taste of love and silk.

Get it here for Rs. 562

7. Platinum-Plated Silver Adjustable Couples Rings 

Express the depths of your love with pair of adjustable platinum-plated silver rings for him and her. Made of 92.5% pure silver, this pair of rings makes an amazing gift if you want to propose or just make a promise of a lifetime of love and understanding.

Get it here for Rs. 398

8. Shaving Kit Gift Hamper for Men

Another thoughtful gift for men is the complete grooming and shaving kit gift hamper by the Bombay Shaving Company. This kit comes with a pre-shave scrub, shaving cream, post-shave balm, charcoal soap, towel and a nifty travel kit. Now, isn’t that a perfect gift for the perfect man?

Get the kit here for Rs. 499

9. Couple’s Personalised Key Ring Set

Celebrate a memorable milestone in your relationship by engraving the date, your names or a message on this set of two stainless steel key rings. A sweet gift to keep two sweethearts close. 

Get it here for Rs. 499

10. Nostalgia Rotating Photo Lamp

We often relive beautiful memories with photographs. This Valentine’s, gift your loved one with a rotating photo lamp to enjoy the sweet moments of togetherness. 4 photos, subtle rotation, warm light and a personalized gift message card… we can think of nothing more romantic.

Get it here for Rs. 999

11. Romantic Message Box with 20 Hearts

Here are twenty different ways to say I Love You creatively. Show your love on the special day of Valentine’s with this romantic message box with true-love messages engraved on 20 hearts. Romantic, sweet, and awww sooo cute, this gift checks all our boxes.

Get it here for Rs. 324

12. Valentine’s Butterfly Greeting Card

The butterfly of love flutters right into our hearts with this super cute Valentine’s Day gift. The butterfly greeting card has a hidden butterfly that flutters once you open it, bringing a delightful smile to your face. We stan this. We totally do.

Get it here for Rs. 299

13. The Valentine’s Day 8-Piece Hamper

For a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, here’s an 8-piece gift hamper complete with chocolates, a jewelry set, an aromatic candle, a greeting card, a message bottle, 3 roses, and a teddy in a heart-shaped box. 

Get it here for Rs. 800

14. Assorted Granola Box 

A healthy yet delicious option to candy, the assorted granola box by Wild Date is a sweet and thoughtful way to show how much you care. No preservatives, no processed ingredients, and no chemicals, enjoy this delicious snack with the one you love. 

Get it here for Rs. 275


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