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नारी (Nari) – A Hindi Poem on Self Motivation

by TheFeelGoodMoments   ·  1 year ago   ·  

The journey to inner peace was a cathartic experience that inspired Nari, a poem on self-motivation and self-acceptance.


:: नारी :: 

हाथों की लकीरे नहीं, 

उनमे  छुपी  ताकत देख |

तकलीफें  नहीं,

उसमे  छुपे  अवसर  देख |

बहने दे  आसूंओं  को ,

आँखों की  नमी  नहीं,   

उसमे  छुपी  चिंगारी देख |

धरती भी  तू,

चट्टान  भी तू,  

अपनी  कमजोरी  नहीं, 

तुज़मे  छुपी  काबिलियत को देख |

तोड़ दे  सारे  मन  के  बंधन,

तुझमे  छुपी  उस  परी  को देख |

आसमान  को  छु  लेने  की  सोच,   

और  उस  उड़ान मै  छुपी 

आज़ादी  को देख,  आज़ादी  को  देख।

Poems by – Praveena Pagare 

My Inspiration for Nari

I have encountered several challenges which I had to face with courage. It was in these difficult times while finding my courage, I realised that I had to overcome my fears and not just make them disappear. This helped me feel liberated… I discovered the true strength of my spirit. 

The journey to inner peace and self-discovery was cathartic and I was inspired to pen down this poem. I wish to share the emotions and thoughts I underwent while facing one such situation that sparked this wonderful change. I hope this poem of mine serves as inspiration because I believe that anyone can overcome any challenge in their life.

My Message  

Moved by the experience of finding a peaceful path to situations which I would otherwise face with frustrating aggression I realised some things. Life is a journey in which one faces many challenges. At every stage having an awareness of your potential, and your qualities is what brings balance to any situation. Trust your instincts and you will find the motivation within you. 

You are a powerful, wonderful, amazing and strong woman who can create magic in your own life as well as others around you. That’s your superpower. All you need to do is see yourself with kindness and find your inner peace. Then there is absolutely no stopping you.

I hope you like my poem and discover the strength within you.

Praveena is a meditator with over 25+ years of experience in different business verticle. Her interests are yoga, meditation, travel, poetry, singing, dancing and being close to nature. She is a spiritual person who believes in the balance of the universe.
You can reach her at


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