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मेरी पहचान (My Identity) – A Hindi Poem on Self-Discovery

by TheFeelGoodMoments   ·  12 months ago   ·  

This poem is inspired by a journey of self-discovery from the hurtful abyss of criticism and self-doubt to kindness and love towards oneself.


:: मेरी पहचान ::

मैं वह नहीं, जो आप देखते हो,

में वह नहीं, जो आप जानते हो…

मैं प्यार का राग हूँ, दिल की पुकार हूँ, 

भावनाओं का समंदर हूँ |

मैं प्रेम की संगीत हूँ, 

मैं एक हंसी हूँ, पानी की लहर हूँ, 

सुबह की किरण और शाम की तरंग हूँ |

बादलों की आवाज हूँ, बारिश की बूंदे हूँ |

मैं वह नहीं हूं, जो आप जानते हो,

मैं पृथ्वी का खिला फूल हूँ,

हवा के साथ बहने वाले सुगंध हूँ |

मैं वह हूँ जो खुदा जानता है

मैं उसकी कुदरत हूं, उसकी इबादत हूं, मैं उसकी रचना का एक करिश्मा हूं |

Poems by – Praveena Pagare 

My Inspiration for Meri Pehchan

Criticism is something that we all have to deal with, perhaps more often than needed. Sometimes it’s good when it is constructive because it helps us improve ourselves or our work. But sometimes it takes the shape of a negative energy full of hate that is of no use whatsoever. The problem with negative criticism is that it is destructive and we instinctively react by becoming defensive.

However, a few blows do get past our armour and hurt. This hurt then sets in motion a negative thought loop of self-doubt. Am I good enough? Am I really that bad? Maybe I am the reason for things going bad. Maybe if I changed myself things would be better. And that’s how we turn into a self-saboteur.

Somehow our brain mistakes this criticism as constructive and we become unkind to ourselves, doubting and eventually morphing our personality that we are just not happy with.

I too have been through this phase and it was tough! I questioned my identity, my thoughts and my actions until I realised that I was just a shell of who I was. It felt like I am falling into an endless abyss, never reaching the bottom. But the human will to survive is a wonder of nature. Our minds and bodies can endure tough circumstances.

When things get too tough to handle that’s when a spark of clarity ignites our mind with 

For me, when I experienced this spark the first question I asked myself was ‘Who Am I?’ I began to let go of painful baggage: hurtful memories, destructive thoughts, all of it had to just GO. I had this crazy drive to just answer this question to the fullest of my satisfaction. It was a kind of self-motivation. I found my answer which is the poem aptly named after my journey of self-discovery.

Praveena is a meditator with over 25+ years of experience in different business verticle. Her interests are yoga, meditation, travel, poetry, singing, dancing and being close to nature. She is a spiritual person who believes in the balance of the universe.
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