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Lonar Lake: A Weekend Getaway Near a Meteorite Lake

by Nalini Das   ·  1 year ago   ·  

Here’s a list of feel-good activities to enjoy in Lonar Lake, a popular weekend getaway in Maharashtra to marvel at a wonderous crater lake.


Some 576,000 thousand years ago a meteorite from space crashed in the Deccan Plateau leaving behind a crater in the basaltic rock. This crater lake is one of four in the entire world, the other three being in Brazil in South America. Another feature of this lake is that the water is both saline and alkaline, unlike any other lake in the world.

Lonar Lake is located in the Buldana district of Maharashtra. It is easily accessible making it a great weekend getaway destination. Because of the existence of the crater lake, the natural vegetation and animal life are also very distinct in this place. The location has several species of native birds, reptiles and animals. The microbial biodiversity within the lake itself is unique in the saline section and the alkaline section. The lake appears green for most of the year but in 2020 the lake turned pink because of the abundant growth of a certain salt-loving bacteria. 

Science buffs, nature lovers and vacationers looking for a unique experience are drawn to Lonar Lake and its surroundings. A hike around the lake will reveal that no vegetation grows in the surrounding mud belt. This is because of the high alkaline content. And towards the southern end of the lake, one will find a sweet water well!

Head to Lonar Lake for a very unique weekend experience. 

Here is a list of fun activities to enjoy at Lonar Lake

  • Visit the Gomukh Temple which is near one of the water streams that feeds the lake. Animals like mongoose, foxes, deer and langur can be spotted in the vicinity of the temple.
  • Legend has it that Lord Vishnu defeated the giant Lonasur. The Daitya Sudhan temple was constructed by the Chiatya Dynasty kings to honour the great god. The shape of the temple itself symbolises an irregular star. One can visit this place to marvel at early Indian and Hindu architecture.
  • There are several other temples dotted around the landscape although many of them lie in ruins.

Lonar Lake makes for a perfect backdrop to relax and rejuvenate over a weekend while you marvel at the wonders of the universe, right here in Maharashtra.

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Author : Nalini Das

Nalini Das is an educator with a career spanning over 30 years of enlightening young minds. Her teaching goes beyond the curriculum, encouraging kids to let their creativity shine and fostering a genuine love for learning. When she's not in the classroom, Nalini enjoys writing poetry and short stories in English and Hindi. Beyond the classroom and her writing pursuits, she's a culinary virtuoso, delighting all with her mouthwatering dishes.

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