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Bhandardara: A Weekend Among Hills & Waterfalls

by Mansi Gadre   ·  1 year ago   ·  

Here’s a list of feel-good activities to enjoy in Bhandardara, a popular weekend getaway in Maharashtra to relax with beautiful waterfalls.


If you are planning a weekend getaway in Maharashtra, what better place than the Queen of the Sahyadris, Bhandardara?

A hill station nestled among the mountains of the Sahyadri Range, Bhandardara is a place blessed by nature. Beautiful waterfalls, lush green vegetation and pleasant temperatures make this place an ideal escape from the noise and pollution of the city.

Bhandardara is located near Igatpuri and popular holiday destination. It is best known for Wilson Dam and the lakes and waterfalls near the dam. And yes, the firefly camps and treks.

If you are into hiking or trekking then Bhandardara is a great location. The starting point to Mt. Kalsubai, the highest peak in the Sahyadris is just 12 kms away from Bhandardara in Bari Village. 

Bhandardara is also known for the toughest trio-forts in the Sharadri Range – the A-M-K or Alang Fort, Madangad Fort and Kulanggad Fort. Talk about some tough defences!

But if you simply want a relaxing weekend surrounded by greenery devoid of pollution then head to Bhandardara. 

Here are some feel-good activities you can enjoy in Bhandardara, your summer weekend getaway.

  • The Wilson Dam is the largest earthen dam built in 1910 on the Pravara River. It happens to be one of the oldest dams in India and stands at 150 meters or approximately 490 feet above sea level. There is a garden thick with greenery at the base of the dam.
  • The opening gates of the Wilson Dam create 60 & 80 feet of water cascades that plummet to the natural rocks below. One such waterfall gives the illusion of an open umbrella, hence the name Umbrella Falls. 
  • Another waterfall to visit is the Radha Falls on the Pravara River. The clear water falls ferociously from a height of 170 ft.
  • Trek to the Everest of Maharashtra, Mt. Kalsubai and enjoy the majestic views around.
  • Visit the quaint little Arthur Lake to unwind and soak in Bhandardara’s natural beauty. 
  • If you are looking for a little spiritual inspiration then visit the Agatsya Risha Ashram. According to our ancient texts, this is the ashram where Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana visited Rishi Agatsya to seek his blessings and they received the arrow to help them defeat the demon king Ravana. 
  • The best time to enjoy the beautiful sights of fireflies is right before the rains. Bhandardara is known to offer firefly camping and trekking experiences to enjoy these little torches of nature. 
  • There are other activities like camping, trekking and hiking available as well for anyone looking for an adventure.
  • Bhandardara is also popular for angling and several tourists have spotted large fish here. However, boats are not allowed for this activity but tourists can go for angling. 

Head to Bhandardara to enjoy gushing waterfalls, a refreshing trek or just a weekend of chillaxing in nature’s lap. 

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Author : Mansi Gadre

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