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Ready to Move In: home? 5 Emotional Stages of Settling In

by Priya Mashru   ·  3 years ago   ·  

Moving in is more than just shifting boxes and stuff. It’s an emotional journey. You have to be ready to move in your heart.


Your new home is awaiting you. Moving Day is fast approaching. It’s time for you to shift your residence, your family, your life to a new space in a new neighborhood in a new location. It’s time to get ready to move in.

First and foremost, congratulations are in order for buying your very own home.

Moving to a new home is often a life-changing experience. For some, it is an ecstatic sense of achievement and for some a bittersweet transition. You may be upgrading in life and status, achieving your long-term dream of owning your own house. You could also be moving away from a neighborhood where you grew up with friends, familiar smells, sights, and sounds.

Whatever the case, you are in for a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Hold on because you are about to go from high to low and back high again. The uncertainty of so much can either leave you feeling eager and ready to move in or anxious and ready to have a panic attack.

But in the end, it would all have been worth it because when you move in that last piece of furniture and just plop down onto your couch, you are going to have an amazing moment of pride and accomplishment. Your very own, genuine Feel Good moment.

But before the euphoria of the feel good moment, here are 5 main emotional stages you would go through when you move into a new home.

Get ready to move in with your heart

1. Excitement

Everything about your new home is exciting. The space of the rooms, the light, interiors, and views, everything seems perfect. The location is perfect and close to the shops, schools, and hospitals. The amenities are great too; the swimming pool and the gym are just waiting for you.

You can visualize yourself making endless memories with your family, having nothing but the best years of your life.

You look forward to that ludo night with your family or the cricket watch party with your friends.

Just imagine, your children taking their first steps in the living room, or you trying an amazing dish in the kitchen worthy of any five-star restaurant.

You can see it now: the pride on your parent’s faces when they admire your achievement, the love in your family’s eyes for you always taking care of them.

When the workday is done, all you want to do is head back home.

2. Feeling overwhelmed

As the days go by you settle into your new home. The stress of shifting and organizing the household with the right things in the right place can get overwhelming. There’s just too much stuff to organize and it seems so never-ending.

From fitting the big stuff like kitchenware and electronic appliances to the small things like a mirror or hammering a nail for the wall clock can seem daunting. But if your apartment building has the facility of building managers, you can avail yourself of their help to settle in faster. 

This multiplied with getting used to the new surroundings can seem a bit confusing in the first few days. The entry & exit points, lobbies and the car park maze may seem too much at first however it is only a matter of routine that would build familiarity.

There are initial teething problems in getting to know the neighbors. Many a time you may bump into them in elevators or the gym. These meetings just help in building those neighborly friendships. Just remember, they may be finding their way around just like you.

3. Determination

The feeling of being overwhelmed is soon replaced with a sense of determination. Armed with a plan, your goal is now to make your new home functional, livable, and put together. 

Starting with a checklist, you can set out to organize the household systematically and faster too. Today there are various apps available to help with handymen like plumbers, carpenters, and other home professionals like domestic help. You could also join a Whatsapp group of your residential society to get help when required. New neighbors are always willing to help, that one of the perks of living in a community.

Spending a day exploring the property and the neighborhood will help you get familiar with the ‘what’s where’. Setting a routine also helps in familiarizing yourself with the surroundings of your new home.

You don’t live in transition anymore and it starts feeling like home.

4. Pride

You’re not quite sure how you’ve managed to get it all done. But you sure have made it. Everything is in its place. You’ve hung the last picture on the wall. The neighbors seem friendly, the store nearby is always stocked with what you need. You find your way easily around the neighborhood.

Your routine is set and you feel proud of what you have accomplished.

And just a few weeks ago, you were feeling nervous and realize now that there was no need for all that. Now that you have conquered the summit of your moving-in anxiety, you feel proud of what you have accomplished so far.

You just bought a house and are now turning it into your home.

Now, get the snacks to watch a movie with your family at home.

You are settled. 

5. Peace

Sipping tea (or coffee) and looking out at the view from your window, you are at peace. The house now makes you feel more at home. Could there be any better feeling than this in the world?

What seemed to be a chaos of searching apartments, looking for the perfect place for you to put down roots, and then taking a leap of faith and purchasing one. And finally settling into it. The journey is now complete with you being a homeowner at the end.

What an adventure it was! 

And totally worth it. The adventure of so many mixed feelings before finally arriving home. It dawns on you – A home is not just a place or four walls. It is a feeling.

You did it. From ready to move in TO moved in; you are now ready for every new adventure, and wonderful memories you will be making in your new home.

Ready to Move In: home? 5 Emotional Stages of Settling In the feel good moments
All Settled In 🙂

Author : Priya Mashru

Priya is a marketing professional with 15+ years of experience in finance, advertising, real estate and e-commerce. She is also a co-founder of a content and marketing agency. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Priya has a deep appreciation for culture. Her wanderlust allows her to appreciate and respect the cultural richness of the deferent places she travels to. An avid cricket fan, a retro movie buff and a mom, Priya writes with words that captivate ones imagination.

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