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What are The Best Summer Fabrics to Avoid Sweat Stains?

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Sweat stains are synonymous with summer. Here is a guide to the best and the worst summer fabrics to avoid sweaty marks on your clothes.


Sweat stains. Yes, those nasty-looking patches on our clothes that appear as soon as we sweat. It’s embarrassing and uncomfortable. A persistent problem accompanying the delightful summer months, sweat stains can mar our favourite outfits while also making us self-conscious that we stink

These sweat stains can undermine our confidence but there are ways to battle body odour and win

Who would have thought that something as natural as sweating could wreak havoc on our fashion choices? But fear not, dear readers, for armed with knowledge, we are ready to face this challenge head-on.

But let’s look into how we can win over the sweaty stains on our clothes, another challenge that can leave us perplexed and frustrated. Let’s delve into the best and the worst kind of fabrics for the summer months to help better manage the problem of sweating and stains. 

4 Fabrics We Love for the Summers

1. Cotton

First and foremost on our list is cotton. There is a reason why we have so many cotton outfits in our wardrobe, traditional, casual, loungewear and even innerwear. It’s a natural fabric that allows the air to circulate, drying away the damp areas on your body and keeping you cool. There is no wonder why this wonderful fabric is called breathable. The benefits of cotton are many.

It’s a super versatile fabric which you can style and wear as you want. Cotton also comes in a variety of colours which makes it perfect for the hot summers. The only downside with cotton is that it creases quickly and it does show the armpit marks when you sweat, even though it keeps you cool. Go for light colours rather than dark to avoid visible stains. 

2. Linen

If you want to look cool as a cucumber then linen is the fabric of choice. It’s a loosely woven fabric with natural fibres which makes it look so organic. The very structure of the fabric allows for great air circulation and quick absorption of moisture. 

Linen does not stick to the body but it wrinkles easily. So you will have to have to steam or iron it frequently. One great thing about linen is that the more you wear and wash it, the softer it gets. It is a top candidate to turn into comfort wear for all seasons.

3. Silk

Silk has the reputation of being a luxury fabric. The nature of acquiring the strands that make the fabric, its use in weaving traditional sarees and its place in our rich culture. If you compare silk with a similar-looking fabric like polyester then silk will be better because it’s light and adjusts to body temperature.

You can wear it for certain events and in situations where you know you will not be in the sun for too long. That’s because if you sweat too much then silk will cling to your body. It does not absorb as well as a cotton or a linen outfit. 

In fact, it’s best to avoid silk outfits that are in direct contact with your armpits as the sweat stains will show on humid days. Opt for shirts, slips and loose shirts. It makes for perfect loungewear.  

Another downside to silk is the way it’s obtained; the practice of sericulture is ecologically damaging. So it’s completely up to you to consider silk for your wardrobe.    

4. Jersey

The jersey fabric was often used to define sportswear. But it has evolved a lot over the years and is now synonymous with effortless, comfortable and cosy. A knit fabric, jersey today is a combination of cotton, wool and synthetic fibres. It’s super flexible and is a great option for any season.

If you want to wear jersey during the summer month then go for fabrics that are 100% cotton. This is because of the amazing virtues of cotton being light and breathable. With jersey, you can go for shape-fitting outfits like shift dresses or figure-slimming skirts because the fabric stretches easy, so you can flaunt your figure.  

5 Fabrics We Don’t Love for the Summer 

1. Polyester

First on our list of no-nos is polyester, a fabric that is a sweaty person’s worst nightmare. Sure it’s stain resistant, durable and doesn’t crease much. But, and this is a big BUT, it’s also water resistant!

Polyester is horrible at absorbing moisture; which means if you are out and about on a hot summer day wearing polyester, you will be trapped in your own sweat. It may be low-cost but you will be paying for it dearly with uncomfortable sweat stains and irritability. 

2. Rayon

Do you know what rayon is? It’s a man-made fabric, a blend of cotton, wood pulp and other synthetic and natural fibres. 

It’s light and does not stick to you but it repels water. Again, a no-no if you are considering a rayon outfit for a summer day. Those sweaty stains will be visible like nobody’s business.

3. Demin

A favourite, a staple, a go-to for most of us. It looks cute, chic and urban, but it calls to the brave to don denim in the hot summer months. 

Denim is a durable fabric that is capable of doing a lot of heavy lifting. It’s rough and tough and withstands wear and tear. But it’s heavy too, meaning it doesn’t allow for good air circulation, it’s not breathable and it does not stretch well. 

Sure it looks great but if you wear a pair of denim jeans, you are going to chafe and overheat. If you must wear denim, go for something loose fitting so it does not cling to the body, makes for good air circulation and keeps you cool.

4. Nylon

You will see nylon in a lot of athleisurewear because it has great wicking abilities, drys fast and resists abrasion. And it retains odour, a big NO for summer. 

Nylon retains odour that can cause skin irritation and itchiness. So, avoid nylon during the summer

5. Animal Obtaines Fabrics: Fleece, Leather and Wool 

You may think of adding fleece or leather to your ensemble. Don’t. Not in the summer months. Both fleece and leather and even wool are obtained from animals. This means that the fabrics are thick and work amazingly for insulation or retaining heat. 

So, just don’t go for these fabrics. Another reason to consider avoiding leather is for environmental and ethical reasons.

How to Consider the Best Summer Outfits?

That’s easy. It’s all in the fabric.

  • Choose Natural Fibers
  • Look for Lightweight Fabrics
  • Consider Light Colours
  • Say YES to Absorption

What to Avoid When Choosing Summer Outfits?

  • Avoid Synthetic Fabrics
  • Say No to Heavy Fabrics
  • Don’t Ignore the Fit
  • One important thing: Laundering techniques

A Laundry Tip to Battle Sweat Stains

To effectively combat sweat stains on fabrics, timely laundering techniques are your best weapon. Act swiftly by not letting the stains linger. The longer they stay, the tougher they are to remove.

As soon as you notice a sweat patch, pre-treat it with a stain remover or a gentle solution of water and detergent. Gently rub the affected area to loosen the stain before proceeding to wash the garment. When washing, use the appropriate water temperature and a quality laundry detergent that targets stains. Opt for a longer wash cycle for heavily soiled items.

Say Goodbye to Sweat Stains with the Right Outfit

Let your summer adventures be a tapestry of laughter, joy, summer beauty trends and fearless fashion choices. Remember, the world is your runway, and sweat stains are but a fleeting challenge in your sartorial conquest. Embrace the season, embrace yourself, and never let anything dampen your spirit—except, of course, the occasional refreshing summer rain.

Remember, sweat stains are not a sign of defeat but rather a testament to our active lifestyles and the triumph of summer’s scorching heat. Embrace them, or better yet, use them as an excuse to flaunt your impeccable fashion sense—after all, sweat stains can be the latest trend; you never know, right?

But if you’re not quite ready to parade your perspiration with pride, we’ve explored the fabrics that can give you an upper hand to combat those stubborn stains. Step into the summer fearlessly, armed with this newfound knowledge and bid farewell to the era of sweat stains on your beloved garments.

Happy summer, and may your fabrics forever remain sweat-stain-free!


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